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Made for students, by students


1. Is the game not loading? Its fine! If you are on a school iPad, please wait around 10 seconds for the game to load. If on a school laptop/chromebook, your load time WILL BE ALMOST INSTANT. Be patient and the game will eventually load! :)

2. Is the Joystick glitched out? Dont worry! On the top, click the bug-shaped button. A dropdown menu will popup. A compass button will appear below the bug button. Click the compass button and the joystick will be reset. Do this as many times as you want, depending how much times the joystick keeps on glitching out.

3. Does the game NEVER LOAD AT ALL even after waiting a few minutes? Your problem may be abnormally slow wifi, a slow device, or you may have a lot of things running in the background. If none of these are the case, please contact Noderz#6672 on discord so I can help fix the problem with the game. Your welcome :)

Tip: The Start Button on the top ISNT THE BUTTON TO START THE GAME!!! It is a start button that can be used to get past the "Press Start" screens, pause or unpause the game. The game starts up AUTOMATICALLY and that start button on the top will not help it start up at all.

Which version do I choose?

The Remastered version of super mario 64 has better graphics, view distance, better models, and cool new features. While this seems cool,
the game WILL take longer to load, and will result in worse performance on some devices. The original version has normal graphics, at the sacrifice of better performance. Both versions are capped to 30 fps,
in order to play the game in its stable state. On older devices, the remastered version may result in dropped fps. Its recommended to use the normal version on older hardware, as it will result in a better gaming experience.
Recent Mobile devices should be able to play both versions fine.

Super Mario 64 (BETA)

Credit to LinuxTerm#1337 for porting to WebGL HTML5 and Divide#2000 for making the onscreen controls! This wouldnt have happened without these legends :)